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Ich stell hier noch kurz meine poetischen "Ergüsse" (oder wie man das auch immer schreiben mag) rein.


My Uncle Sam

loves to play a little game

hide and seek its called

every time mommy's away

he visited me

first he just touched my har

then he did it everywhere

he told me that this was our

special secret

and i should keep it

or he would shoot my family

until now our special secret

kept to be our secret

in a few month... my family.. could die



Being around you

makes me feel better

the smell of love

is everywhere you are

the sunshine

leads my way to you

and all i ever wanted

is in your eyes...


My love

show me life

be my guide

take my sorrows away

fight the dark in me

and give me trust

trust in us


12.10.06 18:38

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